You can hire us for creative tech workshops and more

Apart from the ability to get involved in our public Kids Hack Day events we can also offer the following services to your company/NGO.

Employer branding


Kids Hack day @ your company

Are you working with employer branding and need new ways to increase the attractiveness of your brand? Hire us and we'll bring our mobile fablab (see picture above) and host a private Kids Hack Day event on a saturday or sunday (normally 10 am - 3 pm) at your company for your employees and their families (all ages!). Contact us below for a quote. 

Creativity & teambuilding sessions with tech

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kids hack day 4 grown-ups - Creative TECH AW sessions

Are you looking for new and creative ways to combine team building with creativity and tech for your employees? Hire us and we'll host an AW session focused on robotics and/or digital fabrication (such as e.g. 3D printing and lasercutting). Contact us below for a quote. 

CSR Robotics program for underserved communities



Are you looking for new and creative ways to work with CSR and tech? Sponsor 1 or several kids participating in our robot courses out in Fisksätra. We host 13 weeks free-of-charge after-school programs where underserved kids get to build and invent their own robots with programming, electronics, 3D printing and laser-cutting. For us to afford giving all the materials away at the end of the course we need material sponsors for this. You can sponsor up to 5 kids at a time. You can also become a mentor to the kid. Contact us below for a quote.