What is Kids Hack Day?

Kids Hack Day is a global series of free creative tech events for kids. We give kids tools to express their creativity, be curious and empathetic towards each other and the world around them. We empower kids to take control over their own future and not just passively consume what someone else has designed for them. We believe this is what hacking is all about, which is also why we created our own hackable toy in the process. We call it Quirkbot. It's a toy to make toys, and the perfect tool for your local KHD event. 

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SATURDAY, MARCH 19TH, 10h00-16h00
Hyper Island, Telefonvägen 30, Stockholm, Sweden

San José

The capital city of Costa Rica was taken over by mini hackers


The first time our robots invaded Spain



Our robots didn't play football but they amazed Brasil